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Appliance Repair & Replacement

Our experienced Darwin electricians service and repair household & commercial appliances

We will keep your appliances running efficiently

Household appliances play a vital role in keeping your home comfortable and running efficiently. Washing and dishes build up so fast, we know, we are busy professionals too!

The reality becomes all too apparent once your washing machine faults and suddenly within days there are baskets upon baskets of washing. Or your dishwasher fails and there are dishes everywhere. Let’s be honest, washing them the old way sucks

We understand and care about your needs and rather than try and deal with it on your own, call Florance Electrical and let your problem become our solution

Our competent Darwin electricians can help with all electrical appliance repairs in Darwin 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With over 80 years combined experience our Darwin electricians have carried out countless appliance repairs for many Territory homes and businesses.

Our Highly skilled appliance technicians are fast and efficient performing repairs to your appliance asap to ensure little inconvenience to you, our client. 

Are your commercial appliances or equipment in high demand? With our commercial service agreed scheduled maintenance program we can ensure your appliance don’t break down, protecting your peace of mind and business operation as downtime can be costly.

Have you purchased your own electrical appliance that requires connection or wiring in by a licensed electrician in Darwin? Call us today to request immediate service.

Looking for a company that will repair rather than replace your appliance?

We carry most common and universal appliance parts which helps us ensure we can repair your appliance in the one visit. This ensures that we can keep costs down and also reduce down time.

Our fully qualified appliance repair technicians have well stocked vehicles and are well versed in the common faults across all types of appliances. This enables us to carry parts that will typically have you up and running straight away, meaning less cost to you and also less inconvenience through time spent. 

However, if a part must be sourced for an uncommon brand or model we can do this with our extensive list of interstate electrical suppliers. This avoids unnecessary replacement of appliances, we will take the time to source hard to find parts. We will always try our best to repair rather than replace unless it is not economical for the repair to take place due to the appliances age, condition or cost of repair.

Striving for the best outcome for our clients we will always give you sound advice on your appliance repair. 

In conjunction with any paid service we offer a complimentary free safety inspection of your property, you can sleep soundly knowing that your electrical system will run without interruption. 

A complete service

If the appliance that we are called to repair is not economical to do so we will provide a quote for the best course of action to get you up and running as soon as possible. Within this quote we will provide a cost for supply and replacement with all product details for complete transparency and upfront pricing.

We will also include the required cut-out measurements of the appliance so that if you wanted to purchase a new appliance yourself you will have all of the information required to do so. 

If, in the rare chance that an appliance that we have supplied becomes faulty in the future simply contact our office and we will do it all for you. From lodging the warranty repairer to coordinating times, we will make the process as easy and pain free as possible. We always have your back. Caring about your experience as our customer is our utmost priority.

Don't put up with appliances that don't work the way they should