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Fire Safety &
Smoke Alarms

Saving lives with smoke alarms

Smoke alarms save lives and are the best protection against fire in your home or workplace. They detect the first signs of smoke, giving you time to exit the property safely and call for emergency assistance. Northern Territory legislation requires all residential properties to have a working smoke alarm within 5m of a bedroom, in corridors and hallways that lead to exits and the living area. If your home is multi-storey, you must have an additional alarm on every level. Each smoke alarm is required to be photoelectric and either 240V with battery backup or 10YR lithium battery-powered with the battery not accessible from the rear.

Florance Electrical can install smoke alarms in your home or office, with professional recommendations for location of each smoke alarm in line with legislation, as well as tips for use and maintenance.

Don’t leave something this important to chance, contact us and get our qualified and experienced Darwin electricians to install smoke alarms in your property.

Smoke alarm service

We offer a smoke alarm compliance service complete with a compliance certificate for tenanted homes. During this compliance inspection we will test all of the existing smoke alarms within a premises for the same set rate. Clean all existing smoke alarms to prevent false alarms. Replace any depleted backup batteries at no additional cost. Test the function of the smoke alarms, inspect for compliant types and locations and finally issue the compliance certificate. If we encounter any issues on site our technicians will call from site and advise of any issues prior to proceeding with the work.

You may require electrical fault finding service if you have no power or are experiencing issues with your power points, light switches, machinery, appliances or switchboard. We usually quote an hourly rate on our electrical fault finding service, as it can be a labour-intensive process with an unknown timeframe.

To save on labour costs, you should contact your utility company first to make sure it’s not a problem with infrastructure such as poles, wires or meters. The distributor’s number is normally found under ‘faults and emergencies’ on your electricity bill or on their website on the contact page.

Electrical faults can lead to serious problems such as electric shock and fire, so it’s best to call a Darwin electrician to find and fix electrical faults in your home or workplace. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Free safety inspection

We offer free, no obligation safety checks to assess your home or workplace for electrical hazards and fire risks. The inspection is valued at $180 and gives you peace of mind that your premises is safe and complies with all fire safety standards.

During the inspection, we test all switches, power points, surge protectors, smoke alarms and lighting points. We also offer a visual inspection of the switchboard and all electrical wiring to highlight any potential electrical issues that need to be fixed.

Many people are unaware of the electrical hazards that surround them and simple ways they can reduce the risk of electrocution and fire. Florance Electrical provides you with a written report that outlines our findings, with recommendations for any potential electrical concerns that may need attention.

Don’t wait until it’s too late or simply assume everything’s okay