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Dimmer Switches & Security Lighting

Set the mood with dimmer switches!

Dimmer modules are easily installed onto an existing existing circuit with no wiring required. We can even install dimmers that are controlled by your smartphone!

Dimmers can also be used for security purposes, deterring unwanted intruders whether you are home or not. Dimmed (low) levels of light can be used to create the appearance of occupancy.

It is important to know that not all globes are dimmable. Please always ask if the lamp is dimmable when purchasing.

Contact Florance Electrical Darwin now to find out more about dimmer switches and organise a free quote to have them installed in your home!

We will even conduct a complimentary safety inspection on site

Security & Sensor Lighting

Sensor lighting is a fantastic way to improve the aesthetics and security of your home or business. If installed in creative ways you can achieve both at the same time! 

Sensor modules can be installed to control well placed feature lights that bathe features of your property in warm colours and make you aware of unexpected or unwanted guests. There is no need to compromise the look of your property with these great option s for sensor lighting. 

These security sensor lights or sensor modules can even to linked back to other parts of your premises and trigger many other devices to ensure that you are aware or to make arriving and leaving home more convenient. Never search for your house keys in the dark again,

With the advances in lighting there are now even options for sensor lights that track movements, notify your phone or even video burglars. With crime in Darwin at a high and no light at the end of the tunnel, why not install one? 

In our experience sensor lighting is a fantastic deterrent for opporturtunist people and a small investment for a large return on investment.