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Reduce pool power consumption up to 75%

“The pump unit is usually the largest single user of residential electricity” –

Standard fixed-speed motors essentially have one speed (flat out) or nothing. As a motor does not require the same amount of power to produce a result as loads vary this leads to a lot of wasted energy that is not required.

We can convert your existing motor to a variable speed-controlled motor and reduce wasted power resulting in lower energy costs.

Our pool pump drive helps businesses and homeowners save energy and reduce the cost of their power bills. Our pool drives reduce carbon emissions, and noise levels and reduce power costs.

In a domestic household, the pool pump is the single biggest user of electricity and generally equates to  40% of the power bill.

More power is consumed by your pool pump than your dryer, washing machine and dishwasher combined!

Our variable speed drives are programmed and tested in our warehouse, set to the best energy savings to match your existing pump or motor and then installed at your premises.

We then fine-tune these settings on site ensuring that the solution is perfect for the application. This also reduces installation time giving us more time to train and educate around the product use and benefits onsite. Further to the energy savings, our AC pool drive will: 

  • Quieten the operation of a standard fixed-speed pump dramatically.
  • Increase the lifespan of the pool pump and filtration equipment.
  • As a direct result of conversion increase the performance of the filtration equipment due to not causing ‘tracks’ within sand filters.

The cost of installing our energy-efficient pool drive typically pays off within 12 months with energy savings produced offering a fantastic ROI and ongoing power savings throughout the years moving forward. 

The energy-efficient drive can be installed on over 90% of existing AC motors and pumps including Bores, water features, air extraction fans, pool pumps and many more.

The applications are endless, ask us today how we can help reduce your power consumption and therefore power bill.

Contact us today for videos and calculated data from case studies completed on fixed-speed motor conversions to see the power savings and benefits!