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Ceiling Fan & Lighting Repair & Installation

Ceiling fan repair and installation

Ceiling fans are the greenest and most affordable way to cool your home, using only slightly more power than a standard light fitting,. Newer model DC fans run even more efficiently, using much less power. 

In our tropical climate they are the perfect item to keep your premises cool without the cost of running an air conditioner. Having a ceiling fan also helps reduce mould and we find that many of our clients leave their fans running throughout the day to keep mould down in our humid environment. 

Our Darwin electricians are experts at installing and replacing ceiling fans for residential, commercial and industries properties. All ceiling fans come with a new fan warranty and we offer discounts if you need to replace more than one ceiling fan. 

Ceiling fans can be installed onto all types of ceilings whether they are exposed timber beams, raked or standard gyprock ceilings. Our electrician’s will advise of the best possible solution as there are two different types of mountings for ceiling fans – j-hook or hangsure.

Hangsure is used typically for ceilings that are sloping as they can still hang straight whereas a j-hook mount type will push the fan motor rod onto an angle which is not ideal or aesthetically pleasing. J-hook ceiling fans are typically used for flat ceilings. 

The only restriction faced with installing new ceiling fans is whether or not the ceiling is high enough to accomodate the correct height requirements between the finished floor level and the fan blades

Don’t need a new fan just yet and would prefer to maintain and repair your existing ceiling fan? We can help! 

Being a warranty agent for many different brands of ceiling fans and combining our years of experience there are not many models that we have not fixed. Spare parts are available for most brands of ceiling fans and if there is an economical option to repair the existing fan we can do just that!

Can’t get cabling in place due to access restrictions?

We absolutely LOVE a challenge. We have creative solutions to ensure that your ceiling fan is installed well and preferably without any conduit or clip ducting to use for cable access. We understand and agree with you, we hate conduit too! Another option is to install a remote controller if installing switches is not possible due to access restrictions.

Summer & winter settings explained

Did you know that you can reverse the direction of the ceiling fans from clockwise to anti-clockwise? This is done by moving the toggle switch on the side of the fan motor (whilst the fan is in the off position).

The standard anti-clockwise setting summer which is what most fans in Darwin are set to is used as the angle of the blades when running in this direction will pull hot air to the ceiling above the fan and push the cool air down whilst also circulating airflow throughout the room. 

The winter setting is typically used in winter as the name suggests, however, we all know that our dry season simply isn’t that cold, so normally you would not need this setting. Due to the pitch of the blades when the motor rotation is reversed the opposite to the summer setting will happen. The cool air is pulled to the ceiling above the fan and the hot air pushed down. 

We find that properties with rooms that are consistently air conditioned whilst occupied have fans set on winter to help circulate the cool air from an air conditioner that is not set to vertical swing and just facing into the room. Simply, we do not believe that this setting is required in Darwin, it is darn HOT

Did you know to always start your fan on the top speed?

Something that not all electrician’s would think to share but in doing this you will extend the life of your ceiling fan. The wall capacitor is typically the first part of the fan circuit to fail and by starting on the high/top speed you will prolong the life of this capacitor. 

A fan is simply a motor and when stopped requires more effort to start moving. The top speed setting on a ceiling fan bypasses the wall capacitor and gives the motor power to start without running through the capacitor. 

Once the motor or “fan” is running fast, turn the controller down to the desired setting which is usually speed two. This will then engage the wall capacitor but it will not have the heavy wear and tear of the motor starting through it, rather just the wind resistance slowly reducing the fan speed without the high motor load. The lowest and middle speed both run through this capacitor. 

We have made the below video that explains these steps well. 

Lighting for your home or workplace

Whether you’re looking to enhance the security of your property with sensor lights or add a touch of elegance with down lights, pool or garden lighting, We can take care of all your lighting needs.

We can even guide you in lighting choices or design a solution tailored to your Darwin property that will improve aesthetics through clever lighting solutions. Lighting plays an important part in the design and feel of your home or business, lean on our experience and reach out for FREE advice and solutions. 

Need lighting that is energy efficient? Replacing installing light fittings in your home or office with high-quality LED lights that adhere to safety standards and offer significant energy savings and heat reduction. 

The added benefit of upgrading aged and in-efficient lighting is that by upgrading to LED lights you can massively reduce maintenance costs within your property, never replace a light globe again! 

Our Darwin electricians will perform a free safety check and recommend the best lighting solutions for your property, from commercial exit and emergency lighting to outdoor entertaining areas in your home or business. 

Convenience can also be achieved through smart lighting choices. We can provide solutions for automating lighting “scenes” that at a click of a button could trigger different lights at different lumen levels throughout areas you commonly use at certain times or events based on your input or usage habits. 

Tired of juggling keys in the dark when you leave the house early or arrive home late? Time is an asset and your time is important, enjoy convenience and install sensor lighting and as an added benefit protect your property at the same time. Sensor lighting is a fantastic deterrent for opportunistic or unwanted visitors. 

Feel secure that even if sensor lighting has not deterred a persistent opportunistic visitor that you will be safe seeing that they are there without having to stumble out in to the dark. 

Contact us for a free, no obligation quote onsite with an electrician or advice on lighting.