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How To Spot A Good Electrician

Shock your friends with this post.

Finding a good, solid worker is a commodity that has enormous value

beyond the economic transaction involved in the service provided. It has many layers, including of course the quality of the job, the price/reward factor, and many more aspects that we don’t see at first glance, but are important to have in mind.

Too many variables have to be taken into account. But we want to help you with particular points, and your picking process, when it’s time to choose a good, even the perfect electrician for your necessities, how to spot him or her and the companies they work for. There are many faults in so-called electricians, not the least of them are being unprofessional, spiking up prices without justification and the lack of basic knowledge of the trade, that’s why these are key areas to look into when choosing an electrician.

The electric system of our home or place of business, like any “ecosystem”, is one where a delicate balance must be into place to make our lives work seamlessly. That’s why many people panic when they need to have an electrical job done in their spaces, even when they have common electrical problems. There are plenty of stories of a work gone wrong in the area, and the damage it causes to our daily routine.

Phrases like “the electrician charged an enormous amount for ten minutes of work” are more common than they should be. Even worse is hearing things like “the electrician mislead me, telling me that my materials were in a bad state”, which shows another level of maliciousness, much worse than “simply” overcharging. These things cannot stand, and we want to give you a hand to combat this problem.


There are many so-called professionals that give a bad name to the hundreds of electricians with homologated certificates. If the electrician you’re thinking of hiring says that he has a certificate, don’t hesitate in checking his or her credentials, and the credentials of the company they’re working for. Remember that, in Australia, the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC), mandates licensing for all electrical workers, so it would be prudent to ask your electricians if they have their affairs in order in compliance with ERAC.


This is important; never go with the first person/company you find, which is sometimes hard, considering that there are occasions when electrical work is pressing, time sensitive. But the electrical system of your house or business is too important to take hasty decisions. It’s always wise to compare, ask for budgets and guarantees, and size the pros and cons. Pricing, extras, services included, free or cost budgets, guarantees, professionalism, all of these should be factors to take into account, and remember that the cheapest is not necessarily the best (in fact, it’s quite the contrary usually, but more on this point later).

False technicians

A cautionary tale that comes too often, sadly, is the sudden appearance of so-called technicians in your front door without you having called anyone, claiming that they come from so and so company. We can’t stress this enough… DO NOT let them into your properties. This scam is as old as time. Usually, such con men take advantage of well-meaning people and makeup or even manufacture electrical faults. It’s important to check their credentials, not only their personal papers but those of the companies they claim to be from. Even them, remember that many of these individuals are master forgers, so don’t hesitate to call the company to check the authenticity of the electrician.

Detailed billing

The bill is the final part of almost any transaction, but it’s quite important nevertheless. A detailed billing process lets you know exactly what you’re paying for, and it’s pretty important to be able to check that everything done in the job can be verified in the bill, in name and price, this includes such items as the parts used in the job and the technical particularities of each activity performed by the electrician.

Another important consideration to be taken into account is the fact that sometimes there are parts or tasks needed, that were not previously discussed in the budget. You must be on top of such eventualities, to know if, in the end, you will be able to afford the project being done. A good electrician and company will be prudent with such decisions, and always will communicate any extra expenses in time and form. It’s recommendable to have eyes on the technician as much as possible and don’t approve anything if it’s not in writing beforehand.

Cheap is expensive

When we say that “cheap can be expensive”, we’re talking about a maxim, not a law. Not necessarily something is worse because it’s cheaper, but usually, in the electrical business, a high quality, a well-done job needs certain standards that come with a price. Choosing the company or electrician based on whose charging the least, is a red flag. The decision-making process should always be aware of pricing when it comes to electrical work, but it never should be the guiding factor.

If the budget an electrician gives you is way lower than others you already have, (always remember to compare, our second point), this could be because they don’t have the expenses of other companies, which in terms could mean that they are less experienced without a robust list of clients, or that the use cheaper materials, all of which means bad news to the overall capacity of the electrician. You should trust electricians and/or companies who hand you budgets that are adjusted to market prices, as a clear sign of professionalism put in practice.         

Check with past clients

Researching on the internet is the easiest, most convenient tool at our disposal these days, and in our list of recommendations for spotting a good electrician, is a must. Check the electrician and company online before committing to a job, or even a budget for that matter. Any review site, readily available in Google, can and will help you to make informed decisions. We even encourage you to leave a review after a job is done because you will be helping others make the right decision in the future.


A company that provides maintenance service in the electrical sector, usually means high quality, something that’s even unusual in the industry. Having expert electrician doing prevention work in an electrical system will often translate in saving money in the long run. Fixing something or replacing it for brand new parts will end up being more expensive than maintaining the well being of things you already own. In the most extreme cases, a good maintenance job can prevent even fires caused by short circuits. Like any illness prevention and detection are key.     

These steps seem simple, and we dare to say that they actually are, but they will be key if and when you choose the right people to do your electrical work. Seven things that will make all the difference in the world. Electric health is something we take for granted in our daily life, but just think of one thing in your electric grid, and imagine it failing suddenly (not an impossible stretch), you will know hardship because our lives are intertwined with electricity in ways we don’t even think about. Nevertheless, this won’t happen if you’re vigilant and follow our advice when its times to pick and choose your ideal electrician.