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Reduce The Electricity Consumed By Your Pool!

Shock your friends with this post.

Reduce power consumption of your pool pump

Are you ready to update your overworked, inefficient pool pump? We have the perfect solution for you!

By installing a Pool Pump Drive you could be saving up to 75% on your pumps running cost. The Pool Pump Drive has been proven to give the most effective results whilst maximising the savings on your energy bill, it’s compatible with all fixed speed capacitor start pool pumps and quick and easy to install. We set these drives up in our workshop and input the most energy efficient parameters for pool pumps so that they are simple to use by the end user and simple to install or move if you relocate your address.

Quarter pool pump running costs 

Based against proven results in the field and testing in our workshop, we can reduce the power consumed by your pool pump by 75% and even achieve a better filtering result. When using a typical fixed speed pool pump, water is forced through the attached sand filter and creates tracks in the sand and causing the filtered waste to be pushed back into the pool. The variable speed (VSD) pool drive reduces the water pressure slightly to reduce tracks in the sand and also allow the waste to settle into the sand filter ready to be backwashed and not pushed back into your clean pool.

Another benefit from installing our drive is that wear and tear on the salt cell and noise emitted from the pump are drastically reduced!

The best time to install the pool drive is today. The sooner your energy consumption decreases, the sooner your power costs will fall. Rather than paying the same or a higher power bill every month or quarter, reduce your costs today and put that money back into your home, family or business to invest in things that are more important!

Product features

  • Reduced chemical usage & salt cell wear
  • Reduces noise and extends the life of the pump
  • 2 Years manufacturers warranty
  • Easy use, one touch panel
  • Environmentally friendly

What are your power costs currently? We would love to hear about your power bill, start a conversation with us below!