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9 Tips To Reduce Your Power Bill

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Reduce the cost of your electricity bill today for free!

There are many ways in which to save on electricity bills, some require work by an electrician but many can be performed by being conscientious in how power is used.

I will firstly cover some ways in which Florance Electrical Darwin can help you save on your next electricity bill. The first and probably the most effective are replacing existing lights with energy efficient alternatives. We mention the most effective because lights are used frequently and replacing them you can see the saving very quickly.

Using LED lights is a great alternative. LED lights are still relatively new to the industry but are quickly falling in price as even newer technologies are becoming available such as LEP technology (Light Emitting Plasma). See here Luxim.

Benefits of LED lighting

There are many benefits to using LED’s, one being that very have an extremely long life span (up to 80 000 hours longer than standard halogen lamps). A standard 50W halogen lamp converts 90% of electrical energy into heat, which only leaves 10% being used efficiently as a light source. LED’s only use 15% of the energy a standard halogen uses with an 85% light output! There are many more benefits to LED lighting which are improved durability, compact sizing, fast switching and cool to touch but that will do for now.

Sensor lights to reduce operation time

Replace standard outside lighting with security sensor lighting (approach lights). There are many benefits to performing this upgrade some are: increased security, practicality (never be searching through your bag for keys in the dark) and last but not least energy saving.

Having lights working off of a sensor means that they will automatically switch on when your home and once your inside turn off. Therefore saving you money by controlling the length of time they are on for. Another benefit is that if your premises were ever left unattended these lights automatically detect movement deterring criminals and opportunists. This is also a cheap upgrade to perform. Contact Florance Electrical Darwin today to organise a free, no obligation quote to install sensor lights.

Solar and gas hot water system benefits

Replace existing electric hot water services with gas or solar powered services. The government currently offers a rebate to install solar powered hot water units as well. Electric hot water units are expensive to run as they are constantly heating the water, working very similarly to a general household kettle. The only difference being that hot water units are controlled by a thermostat which switches the unit on and off when the water reaches certain temperatures. The reason for this being that you will always have hot water. This is wasting power however as the unit is constantly heating water up to the desired temperature and keeping it at that temperature.

As well as the three alternatives mentioned above there is many more upgrades that can be done to save you money. Some easy ways to quickly save on your electrical bill now is to simply be conscientious in how electricity is used. Performing tasks such as:

1) Switching lights off when leaving rooms or installing sensors to control the lights.

2) Turn off devices at the power points, saving on idle electrical usage.

3) Turn off heating/cooling off whilst sleeping or setting it on a timer. 

4) Setting cooling thermostats on a comfortable 24°C.

5) Setting fridge thermostats between 2°C and 6°C.

6) Setting freezer thermostats between -11°C and -15°C.

7) Turn off hot water booster switches is solar. If electric, turn off throughout the day or install a timer.

8) Line dry washing, don’t use a dryer as they are generally expensive to run.

9) Check seals of heating/cooling appliances, if deteriorated, replace. If they are older and not energy efficient, replace with new. 

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