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How To Replace The 9V backup Battery In A 240V Smoke Alarm

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How to replace a 9V battery in a 240V smoke alarm

Jordan and Tate from Florance Electrical with another handy electrical tip. We are going to show you how to replace a 9V battery in your Brooks 240V smoke alarm.

This brand of smoke alarms are a little bit trickier than usual to replace the battery in. Rather than having a button on the side that simply depresses to allow access to the internal areas of the smoke alarm.

Brooks smoke alarms have a flat slot of the side that needs a tool pressed into it to allow the smoke alarm to be pushed away and clip off of the ceiling.

Ideally a small flat head screwdriver should be used but essentially anything that will fit the slot without damaging the smoke alarm is perfect. Such as a butter knife, bobby pin or anything close by that fits.

If your smoke alarm is chirping intermittently typically this means that the smoke alarm has a flat 9V backup battery. Simply, press the flat tool into the side identified by a label stating this instruction, also identified by the small flat gap for the tool.

It is important to know if the smoke alarms are working in your home or business and equally important to replace the batteries yearly.

Some brands of smoke alarms have a sealed lithium battery compartment, these smoke alarms cannot have the battery replaced and must be discarded and a new smoke alarm installed if they have a flat battery.

If the battery is not flat, a good way to determine if they are still serviceable if to read the label which is on the side frame of the smoke alarm which will indicate the year in which the battery will likely fail/expire and the smoke alarm must be replaced.

Replacing the battery

  • Push the smoke alarm away from your person.
  • Replace the battery with new. Place the battery back into the battery compartment.
  • Re-install the alarm in the opposite manner.
  • Place against the smoke alarm base and move towards your person ensuring that the clips are lining up.

Another handy tip from Florance Electrical saving you time and money on calling an electrician for this task that can be completed safely without any danger of touching live parts of the smoke alarm.