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Repairing Appliances Rather Than Replacing

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Benefits of repairing rather than replacing faulty appliances

At Florance Electrical we are firm believers of repairing appliances rather than replacing. 90% of the time when we attend to a faulty appliance in Darwin, we can source parts quickly and economically to have your appliance running efficiently without the high cost of replacing the appliance.

We come across all makes and models of appliances daily and have creative ways to get your household or business up and running again. Some of the cheaper brands on the market have no spare parts available for purchase which is when we will suggest retrofitting a similar universal part to ensure we are repairing your appliance in the most cost-effective way and not replacing it.

However, we will judge the viability of repair and if it is not the best course of action we will not waste your time or money. We will judge factors including the condition, age, nature and quantity of the faults and also the availability of manufacturers spare parts or the possibility of universal parts.

You can rest assured that we will always advise the best course of action to take.

Troy from Florance Electrical is onsite at a property in the Northern suburbs of Darwin and is replacing a faulty fan motor for this fan forced wall oven.

We attended and identified that the horrible noise emitted from the oven when in use on the fan-forced setting was the blades from the fan hitting the fan-forced element which sits around the fan blades.

After a quick inspection, it became apparent that the fan motor was not repairable and would continue to fail if repaired so we have advised our client, providing a cost for repair and replacement so that they have options.

In this instance, it was economical to repair as the oven was in great condition, parts were available and the cost was low. Our client chose to repair the serviceable appliance and we have purchased the part and had the oven running in no time!

Is it cost effective?

After replacing the part we have repaired the fault and our client can now enjoy a functional oven that is ready for cooking!

Our trained appliance technicians will always advise of the fault with an appliance after determining the issue and advise on the best course of action for repair or whether it is economical to do so.

Need help with your household or business appliances? Our technicians service all type of domestic and commercial appliances including: Ovens, range hoods, dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and many, more, contact us for help today!