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Save This Summer: How to Stay Cool in the Heat Without an AC

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Save This Summer: How to Stay Cool in the Heat Without an AC

Though the dog days of summer are not here yet, it’s never too early to learn how to stay cool in the heat. Like clockwork, sweltering summer weather will be back again before you know it. You will want to have a line of defence ready for when it hits.

Unfortunately, running an air conditioner all summer long can ramp up your energy bill. It can also hurt the environment. So, what’s a sweaty person to do to stay sane (and cool) during the hottest months of the year?

Keep reading for all the tricks you’ll need at your disposal when summer returns. Keeping cool with no air conditioning has never been so easy!

Take a Cool Shower

Taking a cool shower is one of the fastest ways you can bring your body temperature down. Have a quick one, as cool as you can stand it, and feel instant relief. 

If you can’t stand the thought of having a cool shower, even putting your wrists under cold water for a few seconds can help. Using cold compresses on pressure points like your neck, behind the knees and temples can help to bring down your body temperature, too.

Become a Fan of Fans

If you’re looking for how to cool down a room without AC, buying fans will be your best bet.

These handy little devices don’t technically cool the air as much as they do move stagnant air around. When this air is being pushed around the room, it will help your sweat evaporate. When your sweat isn’t lingering around on your body, you’ll feel cooler. 

There is a science to getting the best fan set-up, though. One fan will work fine, but you should consider investing in two or more. Setting them up near windows and hallways will help create a cross-breeze that’ll feel refreshing on those hot summer days.

Keep Out the Sun

If you don’t have any curtains or blinds in your home, you should consider investing in some. Keeping the sun from shining into your windows can help bring down the temperature of your home.

If you prefer naked windows, consider installing plastic film insulation throughout your home. This is a transparent material like plastic wrap that easily fits on your windows. It’s designed for use in both summer and winter, making it a versatile, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option.

Stop Cooking Indoors

If you’re looking for relief from the summer heat, you may want to consider tucking your oven recipes away for the hot months. Turning on the oven to prepare a meal can heat up not only your kitchen but your entire home.

Instead, use the summer to get creative with your meals. Use an outdoor grill for cooking meats, vegetables, and potatoes. Try new, unique salad recipes for meals that’ll help cool you down.

Be Smart With Your Ceiling Fan

We’ve already told you how to use box fans to circulate air in your home. But did you know that there’s a right and wrong way to use your ceiling fan in the summer months? 

Adjust your fans to rotate counter-clockwise. When they’re set to run in this direction, they’ll push cold air down towards the floor. This will help draw hot air up and ensure that cool air circulates throughout your rooms. 

Knowing How to Stay Cool in the Heat is Half the Battle

Now that you have some tips on how to stay cool in the heat, summer won’t be so exhausting or sweaty. 

If you’re looking for environmentally-friendly conversions for your home, be sure to contact us. Our friendly team will help you find ways to cut back on your power bill and your carbon footprint, too.