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Takin’ Care Of Business (Equipment)

Shock your friends with this post.

Takin’ care of business (like the Bachman-Turner Overdrive song),

That’s what we try to do every day, whether it’s at home or work, we’re working overtime to make our lives the best version we can of them. That needs help, from every side of everywhere, and one key factor in the well being of our functioning has to do with our electric equipment. This area has to be perfect, because if anything at all goes wrong, we will surely feel it.

Just imagine that everything works fine (every electric item in your home or office), except for an air conditioner in the summer. Or worse, imagine that the equipment failing in question is your fridge and/or freezer, and you lose the proper place to store your food. Such an inconvenience will set in motion a domino effect that will ultimately ruin hours, days and even weeks of your life, not only in terms of how productive you can be but also your budget, an area in which we all strive to find that delicate balance.

Even though just the perspective of some kind of failure in our electric equipment is discouraging, we invite you not to despair. Our modern world makes better quality appliances every day, with more inherent durability, and also, we know a lot more about their behaviour, (the behaviour of our electric grids), and the proper way to take care of them, ensuring a long and productive life for them. And this is where we come in, this reading it’s to offer you a leg up, with a series of advice to take the best care possible of our electric equipment.


Every appliance comes with a set of instructions, most people ignore them, we shouldn’t, we definitely shouldn’t. In fact, not only we shouldn’t ignore them, we should read them, carefully, like the social media post of your favourite person. Instructions have within them the proper way to put your equipment to work and keep it working properly for the right amount of useful life it has, and even longer in the best of scenarios. Instructions are, by nature, instructive.


This is a no brainer. Keeping your appliances clean will help with their performance and overall life span. In this point, we go back to the instructions, because there, you will always find the proper way to clean a particular gadget. Filth has a way to accumulate in a short period of time and is better to be on top of it, don’t let it sneak you, because sooner rather than later, it can be too late. Prevention is the key to healthiness.


Another advice where you’ll need the guidance of the instruction manual. Many, if not most, electric appliances will need professional service at one point, and rarely this maintenance work can be done by an individual without the proper technical training. Don’t try to save a few bucks by risking your wellbeing and that of the equipment your meaning to take care of. The motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, does not, we repeat, DOES NOT apply for electric equipment.

Any minor change in the functioning of an appliance is telling you that something’s wrong and should look into, even if the particular appliance is somehow still doing its job. Usually, the “man” in the house will want to take the matter in his own hands, this should be avoided, remember that experts have to earn technical qualifications precisely to deal with such issues.  

Dry hands

Always interact with your equipment having dry hands. The humidity is an appliance silent killer because slowly but surely, it will go thru the cables and inside your appliances. Also, remember not to be barefooted when engaging with electric equipment; this particular recommendation is as much for your sake, as the life of your appliances.


Be very mindful of where you put your electric equipment. This advice is particularly relevant in the kitchen. The question of humidity comes again into play here. As they say in real estate, location, location, location. A good for instance will be the toaster and/or blender, which should always be away from the dishwasher. The bathroom is another key location (usually to avoid). Never use the hair drier or iron near the shower.


This one is key. When particular equipment, especially those that are meant to use near water, does not have a grounding component in its outlet, you’re always at risk not only of receiving an electric discharge but also of damaging the appliance and even a whole area of your house or office with a short circuit. It’s always better to buy equipment that has grounding within it.

Outlets and Cables

Never, and we mean NEVER, connect your appliances in outlets that are not in mint condition, hazardous outlets can end up in fires. This is where “life” emerges for the appliance, and therefore should not be anything but pristine. The same goes for cables, do not use appliances with cables in a bad state, because you will be encouraging the perfect recipe for a short circuit.

Fridge and Washing Machine

This is another instance of location, but for two of the most neuralgic appliances, there are. The fridge should never be near heat. Make sure you put it away from the sun, the oven and/or any heating system in your house or office. The washing machine is one of the most delicate appliances there are, and its life span depends on time and use. Twelve years and five washes a week is the normal lifespan of a good washing machine, which you can achieve when the use of it it’s proper.


Life is fuller with children, but it’s also full of challenges. Electric appliances, (in fact electricity), should be taken into account when kids are close by. Do not let children operate electric appliances, this is for starters.

Make sure computers, TV’s, entertainment systems and appliances, in general, are with their backs to the wall, therefore avoiding that kids will get their little hands in the back of such equipment, which is where the connections and cables are located, the most vulnerable parts. Baby-proof all electric outlets, don’t forget that kids have an almost infinite curiosity, which will put them at harm’s way from time to time. Vigilance is the price of happiness when kids are involved.

All of these devices seem obvious, that’s why they’re taken for granted more often than not. They also seem to be a lot of work, but they’re really not, we can assure you that if you make them part of your general routine they will become second nature, and you will ensure a longer and better life span for the electric appliances you own. Fewer worries equal more happiness, that’s why we want to give a little hand so you can keep on Takin’ Care of Business.