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The Best and Brightest Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Shock your friends with this post.

The Best and Brightest Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Let’s face it, for as much time as we all spend in our kitchen, we sometimes forget to spruce it up as much as the other rooms in our house. 

But fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot to turn a dull kitchen into a bright and inviting one. And the best way to do that is to choose kitchen lighting that really shows off the space.

That’s why we’ve put together this post on the best and brightest kitchen lighting design ideas. That way you’ll have a better sense of which lighting concepts will best suit your kitchen.

Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out more! 

Blending Different Lighting Styles

Why commit yourself to only one style of lighting? Your kitchen lights can be as diverse as the foods you are churning out from day to day.

Take a look at different options for task lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and ambient lighting. Then decide which parts of your space will be best served by each category.

You can utilise all four types to make your kitchen not only exciting to look at but warm to be in as well. It also means you’ll be able to use lighting to effectively highlight the other design elements of your kitchen.

Layer Up Your Lighting

It can be tempting to assuming that your kitchen needs one centralised lighting source that will effectively light the whole area.

But while that can work in certain scenarios, it often ends up making the room feel harsh. It can give an overpowering feeling from the direction of the primary lighting. 

And that means you and your guests will be less likely to want to stay in there for any long period of time.

Don’t be afraid to have lighting come from a variety of places in the room. You can still have a primary fixture form the ceiling, but just make sure it isn’t too powerful. Also, it shouldn’t be the only source of light in the room!

Pay Attention to Task Lighting Location

Task lighting can be a brilliant way to make use of all the space in your kitchen. If you have specific lights set up for food prep near your chopping block or light over your stove, it can make your cooking life a lot easier.

But at the same time, you have to be careful about the placement of your task lighting. If they are angled in the wrong way, they can end up creating shadows in the other spots around the kitchen. 

While they’ll be effective in lighting the task they are set up for, they can work against the other parts of the kitchen. 

Thinking Outside the Box For Key Lighting

Another good way to approach your lighting scheme is to think about usage. How do you tend to use your kitchen space? If you prep a lot of veggies on the island, make sure there is a focused light above it.

If you tend to do more work in the areas under the kitchen cabinets, then you might want to find a good electrician and have them install LED track lighting under the cabinets. Basically, let your cooking and eating habits be the guide for which areas need a little more light.

Kitchen Lighting: The Takeaway 

As you can see, kitchen lighting can really make or break the room. But now you have some great tips on making yours shine!

If you have any questions about the electrical components of the job, contact us today!