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Want To Reduce Your Electricity Bill?

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We Offer Creative Solutions To Reduce Your Electricity Bill!

Did you know that not only are halogen down lights old technology and a possible fire hazard due to the heat they emit, but they also consume more power!

Call us today for a free quote on upgrading your old halogen technology to LED.. the best part, NT Smart Energy Grant will pay for up to $1000 of the cost of converting!

Troy here from Florance Electrical with another helpful and handy electrical tip. Today we are going to look at changing over halogen down lights to LED down lights.

So here, you have an old halogen downlight which is a 50W lamp, these run quite hot. As you know with the insulation scheme that the government rolled out a while back, when these down lights are installed close to insulation they can cause fires.

So now we have LED down lights, much more slimline, run at a much cooler temperature and they are only 11W! Compared to a 50W halogen downlight, these down lights are roughly a 5th of the running cost per light.

You will make the cost of investing in these lights back quickly as the LED down lights are much more efficient.

At the moment, the Northern Territory government are running a Smart Energy Grant which allows you to save up to $1000+GST on the cost of installing LED lights.

Convert your old halogen high wattage down lights to a highly efficient downlight and the government will help you pay your costs. A great way to save money, make your house safer and reduce your carbon footprint.

Call today for a free assessment of your electricity installation, no matter the size. We believe that every person should have the option to reduce their carbon footprint and their ever increasing electricity bills.

Typically our tailored solution will cost less in installation costs than the money you will save from your power bill which means you can put that money towards what really matters! We also offer finance options for smaller projects and rental lease agreements for larger projects, start saving power today.