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Benefits Of Replacing Faulty Switches & Power Points​

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Benefits of replacing faulty switches & power points

There are many benefits to replacing faulty power points and light switches. Two main points are safety and aesthetics. As switches and power points age the plastic that they are made with becomes very brittle.

The brittle plastic is prone to cracking with normal use. As the plastic cracks the electrical components behind the switch or power point can become exposed leading to direct contact with live electrical parts. It is not worth the risk of your child, a family member or an employee accidentally coming into contact with these live parts as the result could be devastating. And, for such a low cost and quick to rectify issue it is simply not worth putting off. 

The dangers of not replacing

Occasionally the surround plate will crack and then possibly begin to fall away from the wall. Other times the crack can form on the plastic clips on the edges of the switch mechanism.

When these clips break the plastic cover can very easily fall out and live 240V contacts will become exposed.

Whether the plate has fallen away from the wall or the rocker switch plastics broken both situations can lead to direct contact with live electricity. It is advisable to replace deteriorating switches and power points for yours and your families safety.

It is advisable to install safety switches to protect against electrocution if by chance a person comes into contact with these live parts. A functional safety switch will trip before a dangerous situation can occur if it detects earth leakage such as a person grounding a live terminal. Safety switches are an important part of an electrical installation, should not be overlooked and are now mandatory on all electrical sub circuits in new installations or when modifications occur to existing electrical systems. 

Aesthetic improvements

Changing old switches and power points is also a very quick and relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of your premises, especially if you have recently painted. You would be surprised at how much of a difference such a simple and quick switch or power point replacement makes to the feel of your home or business. 

Having an old, cracked or yellow switch on the wall looks very bad compared to new, modern white switches and power points. 

Contact us today and we will arrange a free onsite visual inspection of your home or business to identify problem areas. We will provide useful advice on any electrical issues that we find to help as much as we can.

Not all switches & power points are created equal, choose quality

With so many brands available on the market it can be hard to choose which brands are best to go with when choosing new switches and power points. 

In our experience, cheapest is not always best. We have replaced many inferior products, some that have not even lasted several months. With globalisation becoming a reality and products being imported from all over the world and distributed by less than reputable suppliers it is very easy to come across inferior switches and power points for purchase.

Always check online reviews of products and always ask the question of your electrician if comparing quotes as to what brand or model they propose to install throughout your home or business. 

Try and stick with well known brands that have been in the market for some time, brands such as Clipsal have been in Australia for a very long time and are a quality product. Also buy from reputable distributors that will back the product that they are distributing. By doing the above you can be confident that the product you are receiving would be as expected and will last in our harsh Australian environment.