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Ever Been Stuck Without A Second Pair Hands? We Have!

Shock your friends with this post.

Ceilings are hard work but we love a challenge

Meet Harrison, one of Florance Electrical Darwin’s superstar employees. Harrison has been with the team since the inception of the company and is one of our greatest assets. He has a heart of gold, always has a cheery smile and a can do attitude to electrical work. We are strong believers in solutions and finding great options for our clients to turn their visions into a reality. Don’t settle for tradespeople that say no or cannot think outside of the box to find the perfect creative solution to your problem.

We strongly believe in team culture and having fun whilst achieving great results for our clients. Look no further than Darwin’s best electrician’s and refrigeration mechanics and be nothing short of impressed by our exceptional trade knowledge, skills and customer service.

Our team is our greatest asset which is why we are always up-skilling and providing further career advancements and opportunities.

Henry Ford once said “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.”

We are a firm believer in this and ensure to provide as much training as possible to ensure that our team are successful in their chosen career and have the skills to succeed with us and elsewhere if they so choose. This means that our team have a variety of skills that they can utilise to help with the problems that you are facing in your home or business.

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