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How to Spot the 3 Most Common Electrical Problems at Home

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How to Spot the 3 Most Common Electrical Problems at Home

With an average cost of $480,000, the homes in Darwin are some of the most affordable ones in the whole country. But even so, you and your significant other may have had to scrimp and save to purchase your dream home.

While owning a house can be an exciting milestone, it does come with its negatives. For instance, instead of relying on a landlord, you have to fix your own problems, including electrical ones.

To help you save money, we’ll tell you how to spot the 3 most common electrical problems in your home so they don’t turn into huge costly ones.

1. Overloading Your Circuit

Does your TV switch off whenever your partner uses the hairdryer? Then you may have an overloaded circuit.

While it’s certainly possible your home’s electrical wiring isn’t done optimally, it may come down to user error as well. For example, if you’re guilty of using a bunch of double adapters and extension cords in your house, this can be overworking your electrical system.

If appliances are shutting down often, your house is trying to tell you something. Circuit breakers shut down the electricity so you don’t have a house fire on your hands. But they don’t always work.

To avoid a disaster, thoroughly check what you have plugged into the outlets. If they seem reasonable for your electrics to handle, then you may want a professional to come and take a look at your wiring.

2. Power Surges

power surge happens when there’s a temporary increase in the electricity grid (hence, “surge”). You’ll be able to tell when this happens because your lights may change in brightness and some appliances may shut down.

This can happen due to things out of your control, such as a lightning strike or an animal chewing through the lines. But a power surge can also happen from bad wiring or cheap, poorly constructed electrics in your home.

Since the causes of power surges can be a number of things, it’s best to have an electrician come take a look at your electrics. They can quickly detect what’s causing your issues and recommend the best course of action to take.

3. Electric Shocks

These are different from static shocks; electric shocks can be serious enough to cause burns and loss of consciousness.

If you and your household are experiencing electric shocks, you need to call a professional electrician straight away. The root of your problem can be a number of things, from your appliances touching water to downed power lines.

The only way you can fix this serious issue is to get a site inspection.

Detect Electrical Problems Early to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Now that you know how to spot the most common electrical problems, you’re equipped with knowledge that can save you a significant amount of money. 

Once you’re aware of any issues, the key is to contact a professional right away before the problem becomes more serious. The earlier you do so, the more you’ll save!

Noticed any of these electrical problems? Then get in touch with us today! We’ll help you promptly.